Shared Objective of Advancing Collective Knowledge

Review the Dede article that discusses sharing the objective of advancing collective knowledge. Find some resources (text, image, video, audio, and ??) that further describe, illustrate and exemplify how this characteristic support the distributed learning community. (Put your name after the posting.)

**A Learning Framework for Knowledge Building and Collective Wisdom**

Some interesting graphics as you scroll down through the pages. (Sara R) (JW)(CG) (JK) (SM) (DCT)(JE)(LS)

Example of Sharing Collective Knowledge

The first part of this video clip reminds me of how we need to be sharing our knowledge of technology in our learning communities.

Joni (BD - I loved this video!)
I thought this clip puts the concept of cooperation in a great context. I think it would be a great clip to use to introduce a cooperative learning project to my students. Cathy O (JK)(CJ)(GD)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Advancing Transformational Science and Technology

This is a great video showing the work this laboratory does to develop new tools for all fields. I would use it to show the power of collaboration in the work force (and the DEMAND that students collaborate with others in the workforce they approach). I also could use it in a science classroom to inspire the next generation of scientist. In the 1950s, the USA wanted to reach the moon first. This will show what the next generation will wish to achieve! Cathy O.

**//Just Ask//** Teachers Helping Teachers ~This is a project that I am actually a participant in. The executive summary on the website actually tells a very good description of it and I suppose it is an example of what we are talking about here. Jami E. (DB)

Why Do Teachers Make the Worst Students?

As I read about sharing the objective of advancing collective knowledge, I thought about our inservices and how much we actually collaborate and share ideas to make our classrooms better learning communities. How often is a person standing at the front of the room "talking" to the rest of us? I found this video on how hard it is to get "students'" attention because of all the technology they are using or they are not motivated. Then I thought to our inservices and how we are using our technology and thinking "I just want to get this inservice over so I can work in my room". Are we as bad as our kids? How can we change our inservices so when we meet as a staff, we are working together to advance our knowledge of learning communities and be on the same page that we need to incorporate what we learn into our classrooms? Maybe once this occurs, then we become better students and so will our students.~ Stacy M. (CH)

(trying some different fonts and styles) I have found a website that is dedicated to the objective of advancing collective knowledge to teachers to help improve their teaching abilities... The site is even called Collective Learning
---Gabe--- (JW)(CH)(CG)(CJ)

The Iowa Online Advanced Placement Academy (IOAPA) has been established to deliver Advanced Placement (APĀ®) courses to high school students across the State of Iowa utilizing Apex Learning on-line technology and the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). This gives students in rural communities to take classes in subjects that are not taught at their high school. We have students taking German, Calculus, etc. * Camilla

Web 2.0 Strives to be Collaboration Software of Choice for Enterprises

Web 2.0 collaboration tools are not just a pop culture gimmick. They may replace traditional enterprise collaboration platforms and become the collaborative platform of choice as leaders and IT managers use them to gain competitive and innovative advantages. Collaoration toos allow enterprises to harness collective knowledge. Darnell (BD)
I found this article very interesting and helped me think outside of my box of education. It provided some insightful scenarios where Web 2.0 could be utilized in the business world, and that is able to transfer to classroom. How can you incorporate the students more in classroom curriculum instruction. Cathy O (Like to see how businesses are using tools-SM)(GD)

Academic Commons

When thinking about "advancing collective knowledge," the Academic Commons came immediately to mind: "Academic Commons aims to share knowledge, develop collaborations, and evaluate and disseminate digital tools and innovative practices for teaching and learning with technology. If successful, this site will advance opportunities for collaborative design, open development, and rigorous peer critique of such resources." Deb B. (SR) (MM) (Bill L) (DCT)

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is working to preserve millions of documents, pictures, audio and visual materials digitally. Their catalog is free to browse and many items are available to the public. It's an incredible resource! ~Jennie (SR) (DB) (MM) (Bill L) (DCT)(BD)(JE)

Best Practice and Social Media

At the risk of getting away from posts that speak specifically about or to educational technology, this is post that talks about the need for a serious study about how to best use social media. (Bill L.)