Collaborative Research Project

Emerging Instructional Technologies Summer, 2010

Jing Videos

These are the Jing videos that EIT research groups have created using Google Docs.

Technology Support in Your School

The Cookie Cutters (Gabe, Joni, and Sara) wanted to know what kind of cookie the class preferred, so we could bring snacks to share. Through a survey, we found out the following abour our classmates (please watch our Jing clip) Your Favorite Cookie

Team CBS (Camilla, Bill, and Stacy) decided to ask the class where they would like to vacation and how they would like to travel. We thought we would ask this to learn more about our classmates that we will be with for the next few years. Here is our Jing presentation "The Dream Vacation Spots".

Web 2.0 and EIT: The Corporate Cats (Brandi, Darnell, Deb, Marty) surveyed the class about the classroom technologies they have used and what technologies they would like to use. We wondered what impact the EIT class is having regarding their use of technology in the classroom. Here are our results: View Jing video