Coordinating Technology in an Educational Setting

This is the index page for the wiki pages that are being used in the Coordinating Technology course. These wiki pages are used to increase your ownership in the class material. Instead of you submitting your work to Dr. Z or placing it in a discussion group in the eLearning system that will be hidden from the world, placing your work on the wiki opens it to the world. Your ideas and creations are important so let's share them.
Based upon the benefits of a technology-enriched environment mentioned White book, this page is a place where you will be able to share the research you found that either supports or disproves these claims.
Post your Technology Integration videos here. You might want to provide a description of your videos. Include the technology, grade level, and other pertinent information.

Telecollaborative Project "Progressive Story Project" Angi's kids are working on.

Dinosaur Project (High School students & 2nd Graders) Jenny's kids are working on. It is not in final form yet, we are working on it.

Co-Teaching Podcasting with 7th grade Geography teacher and Melissa Yocum. (Links to podcasts created--link to video of us teaching to follow)
Ms. Yocum's Art Department website