Creative Thinking Page

What kinds of creative thinking are there? You have selected a form of creative thinking. Please link some resources below for your colleagues to learn more about that type of creative thinking. These sources could define your form of creative thinking. They could also link to examples of how creative thinking was facilitated through technology in a learning situation. Place your name/initials at the end of the resources you contribute.

Possible resources include:

Divergent Thinking

Convergent Thinking- Elem. Science and Art

Innovation--Secondary Social Science/History

Seven Keys to Innovative Thinking BS
Nine Dot Problem AP
Problem Solving Exercises AP
The Right Ways to Ask Questions in the Classroom AP
Congressional Lawmaking CF
An Innovative Computer Initiative Gains Momentum TO

Critical Thinking- Secondary Awesomeness

An Introduction to Project Learning MB
Relating Newton's Second Laws (Inquiry-Based Teaching) MB

Defining Critical Thinking RP
DSI-Using Videogames to promote Critical Thinking RP

Inductive Thinking

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Cal State Northridge--Inductive Reasoning

Deductive Thinking - Elementary Reading

Clue Online
Encyclopedia Brown book series
Mystery Net - Kid's Mysteries