Educational Technology and Design Wiki

Educational Technology and Design is an undergraduate course in Curriculum & Instruction for the Teacher Education program at the University of Northern Iowa. This is a basic course involving the selection and use of various educational technologies within an instructional design framework. Course activities include the planning, design and production of media and the operation of hardware and software for Pre-K-8 educational use. Students will be exposed to various ways of thinking about educational media and technology. The course provides students with experiences that enable them to integrate technology resources to support clearly defined learning objectives.

  • Syllabus
    • Identifies the outcomes, expectations, projects, assessments, grading scale and university services for the class.
  • Agenda
    • Schedule of topics for labs, lectures and assignments.
  • Contacts
    • When and how to contact instructors and the IRTS lab.
  • Lecture and Lab Locations
    • A table indicating when and where you should attend class throughout the week.
  • Reflections
    • Identifies the INTASC+1 standards and provides guidelines for students to use when writing reflections.

Contact Leigh Zeitz or Robin Galloway if you have questions about this class.