Emerging Instructional Technologies Wiki Page

This is the home wiki page for students to share information throughout the course.
You will find a set of links to the various pages below.
As a wiki user, you can also click on the discussion tab above and add your ideas as you create and consume information on these pages.

  • Specialists Corner - List the technologies that you feel you could help people learn to use.
  • Student Contact Info Page - Share your contact info so that we can keep in touch.
  • Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) - Here is a place where you can ask questions or post answers.
  • Sites and Resources I Want to Share - This is where you can post any of the sites and resources that you have found and what to share with your colleagues.
  • How-To Videos - This is a collection of How-To videos that pertain directly to our course. Some of them will be Jing videos that we create for instruction, but some might be links to related videos elsewhere. I know that this is similar to the FAQ page, but I wanted to try having a single page that is only for videos.