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Review the Dede article that discusses learning how to learn. Find some resources (text, image, video, audio, and ??) that further describe, illustrate and exemplify how this characteristic support the distributed learning community. (Put your name after the posting.)

Learning How to Learn (College of Marin)

Can click link for more information (Sara R) (JK) (SM)(GD)
Can click link for more information (Sara R) (JK) (SM)(GD)
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Learning How to Learn

This is an interesting conversation from business executives discussing the vital nature of teaching our students how to learn. They talk about how they have gone through 3-4 career changes; none of these were they formally trained for. It is two years old, and many of his predictions about what wireless connections will do with kids are spot on. I think I will use this to introduce my tech unit in Adv. Comp next week so the kids may more likely buy into why this unit is important. Cathy O. (SR) (SM) (Bill L) (DCT)(JE)(LS)

A Neat Example of Kids' Learning How to Learn

Here is a neat example of students at Goodrich Middle School in Lincoln, Nebraska expanding their learning when it came to staying healthy.-
Stacy M. (CH)

Perhaps this is slightly off topic, but even animals need to learn to learn. Perhaps we can see connections between a dogs desire to learn a new trick, and a humans desire to learn. Dogs want to be rewarded for what they have done. Weather it is a treat or a pat on the head. What I am saying is, dogs can learn that if they want further rewards, they need to do what the instructor wants upon appropriate signal. Perhaps training school could be their learning community. I mostly just wanted a cool video...

Gabe (Good metaphor, and if I knew more about it, probably a good connection to human learning as well. Bill L)

21st Century Skills Professional Development
Why do we need professional development that supports 21st century
skills? Below is the PDF file. If teachers are to integrate technology into their curriculum, they will need the support to do so. Camilla

I really like this PDF. I think it would be very useful to a person trying to design teacher inservice. Having served on the Teacher Quality Committee, I would have like to have had this! Cathy O

This is a great TED Talk about changing how we teach Math. It isn't specifically about learning how to learn, but about how we can appeal to more students and help them learn how to be problem solvers. If you are a problem solver, you can solve the problem of how to learn something. ~Jennie (DB) (MM)

I think this video is great! What a creative, insightful teacher (which is a great combination). Full of good info. Now my challenge is to apply this concept into an English classroom.--Cathy O

Learning to Change-Change to Learn

Darnell (JW)(BD)

Learning How to Learn

Lisa (JW)

Allowing Creativity to Take Its Course

Mythbuster Adam Savage talks about how one quest led him down an unexpected path. (Bill) (Thanks Bill - this is brilliant! Adam learned so much about Dodos, scale, assembly, casting, metallurgy, and more just because he was interested in something. That's how you learn - intrinsic motivation. JK) (I love Adam!!! I watch their show with my 5 year old just to show him you never have to stop learning or experimenting....great example of learning!! CJ)

Learning How to Learn Quotes

If you like quotes like I do, you will find some of these very relevent. Billie

Cover Image
Cover Image

Barnes &
Barnes &

**The Global Achievement Gap**
by Tony Wagner

7 Skills Students need for their future

In this 30 minute YouTube video, Tony Wagner describes the seven skills students will need in order to be successful in the future. This video mirrors his book The Global Achievement Gap. (Billie)