What Makes a Good Blog Posting?

Here is your opportunity to help discover what makes a good blog posting.

Below, list the characteristics that you think postings need to include and include at least one link that is an example.

1. Links that serve as resources to other pages. This is important in showing that you know what your talking about.
Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Blogs (for professional purposes) should be professional, well-organized, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing.

The following provide models for other bloggers while providing the readers with information they can use in practice and in theory. In 2cents Worth,http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/, Mr. Warlick demonstrates a clear sense of style and personal voice that is refreshing in such an informative blog.

3. A couple questions that beginner bloggers may have are: "How does one become a good blogger?" and "What makes a good blog?" I have found a website that describes 7 Qualities of a Good Blogger as well as suggestions for what makes a good blog post. These are two great resources to become a great blogger and attract many followers. (Billie)