240:299 Research - Writing Your Final Masters Paper

This course is a 2-credit course where you are going through the process of writing your final masters paper.

This resource page will provide you with a series of materials that should be helpful. This is a wiki so if you find some additional materials that could be useful, please add them to the list.

Definition of the Masters Paper Assignment
As discussed in class and the graduate handbook, you will have 4 options for completing your Masters Paper:
  1. Literature Review
  2. Project
  3. Original Research (including Action Research) - Requires IRB approval
  4. Writing a Journal Article (and actually submit it to a research journal)

Requirements: All of these papers are expected to be a minimum of 30 pages in length and include a minimum of 30 references. Remember that each reference that you cite in your paper MUST appear in your References list.
Conversely, each of the sources listed in your reference list MUST have been cited appropriately in your paper.

APA Style?
Although APA has published a 6th edition, the 2008 IT Cohort has been using the APA 5th edition for the past 2 years and it doesn't make sense for you to have to purchase a new book and learn a new format.
THEREFORE: your final masters papers will be written using APA 5th edition.

Foundational Resources

Formatting Resources

IT Masters e-Portfolio

Although this class isn't explicitly designed to support you creating your e-Portfolio, it makes sense to provide some resources at the bottom of the page.