School or District Technology Plans

One of the best ways to learn about creating technology plans is to review ones that already exist.
Please post the technology plan that your school or district uses.
  • If it is online, then create a link to that page.
  • If it is in digital format, convert it to .pdf format and insert it as a file into this page (look in the toolbar for File)
  • If it is only on paper, then do your magic to share it with your colleagues.

Do more than linking from a title. Share your linked title and then include a narrative about the plan. Is it well developed? Is it used? What are its strengths? When was it last updated? When was it last looked at?

District Technology Plans

I had a difficult time finding a current tech plan. No one really knows who is supposed to be the keeper of the document. That made searching very challenging! What my instructional technology coordinator did find was a needs-assessment. " The needs-assessment doc is not the official plan and is a bit outdated...but it is a very interesting document that stimulated much change in the last 5-7 years!!!" Unfortunately, the document is too large to upload, but it includes job descriptions and challenges. Also, The district has had many new initiatives this year. Our technology plan for the year is included in an overview of those initiatives called the strategic plan. The last place technology plans were mentioned was in our CSIP (COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN FIVE-YEAR PLAN FOR 2004-2005 THROUGH 2008-2009 )

Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District Technology Plan
I am almost embarassed to post this because it is from November 2001. It is very outdated. The plan includes the alignment of technology and district goals. There is a staff development area. There are seven appendices that include cost estimates, standards and benchmarks, contact information, long range and short term goals, and checklists. Some of the objectives for the 2000-2005 plan included tvs and vcrs, purchasing two laser printers and purchasing Office 2000. There are some objectives that could still be used like training for staff and staff development. It was very hard to even read through this since it is so outdated. I am hoping to update the plan for my final project.

We just put a press release out and we currently have a PB (frequently asked questions) page to help the community voice their concerns, comments and questions. PB Page

We are making a lot of new things for technology as we are awaiting a vote to make us a 1:1 school. This has what we have currently and a press release that went out last week to the public about our proposed plan for the 1:1 initative.
Jill Stannard

Waterloo Christian School Technology Plan?

After searching for any kind of plan related to technology use, the only thing I could find was a single paragraph in the school’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) for the 2008-2009 school year. The paragraph has a narrow focus on communication and a vague statement about technology related exploratory classes. I plan to create a true technology plan as my final project.
Brent Bergstrom

Hubbard-Radcliffe Technology Plan
This was a tech plan that was created for our site visit from a few years back. It is pretty generic, uninspiring, and not really all that goal oriented. It had to follow a format from the IDE, which is probably why it is so bland. Will look forward to upgrading it.

Ed-Co District Technology Plan
I spent all week chasing after people in my school district to find the current Technology Plan. I discovered that the last time that the school had a technology plan was 10 years ago when the state funded money for Technology Committees. The only plan that we have goes along with our school improvement plan. There are four verified areas of Technology that are met in the school improvement plan. (development/utilization of technology in curriculum, description of resources, promotion of parent involvement, maximizing use of technology.)

Council Bluffs Community Schools

Here is the district's technology plan for 2010-11. It appears to be fairly comprehensive in nature. This document begins with the district mission/beliefs and department's mission. Information is included as to how the district is addressing their implementation for the one-to-one laptop initiative plan and upgrades. Discussion centers on a needs assessment and how hardware/software will be incorporated to address this. Budgets, inventory, governance, evaluation, internet access policy, ISTE NETS for both students and teachers are a couple more items addressed in this document.