4) Developing mechanisms for sharing what is learned.

Review the Dede article that discusses Sharing What is Learned. Find some resources (text, image, video, audio, and ??) that further describe, illustrate and exemplify how this characteristic support the distributed learning community. (Put your name after the posting.)


"A learning platform where teachers and students create learning projects." A way to learn and share what is learned. (Sara R) (JW) (MM)

Using Google Docs

I have used this tool much this trimester. This video would be great for teacher inservices to teach your staff how to do this OR in your classroom to show your students how they can collaborate on projects: presentations, documents, web pages, etc. I'm a big Google fan, and so I hate to be too obvious on this page, but it really has changed how I teach. Cathy O (CG) (I need to get on board with Google Docs - JK) (SM)(CJ) (DCT)(BD)(JE)

.Glogster.JPG Glogster Edu

An interactive "poster" including sound, video and photos, where an entire class can create their own poster or collaborate together! Lisa Schaa (SR) (SM)(GD)

I've already created a Glogster account and was going to use this before the end of this school year. Unfortunately, I wasn't savvy enough to learn it well enough to teach with it. However, I will play with this much this summer and figure it out so I can use it, for I think it is a cool tool. Cathy O.

Microsoft Sharepoint Used to Facilitate Learning in a Corporate Setting

At the UNI, Microsoft Sharepoint is primarily used in support of project management and team collaboration. While exploring the subject of distributed learning communities, I found this article describing how Sharepoint is being used in a corporate environment for learning and the sharing of knowledge. I plan to explore this further and expand the use of Sharepoint services!
Marty (DB) (DCT)

Web-based learning environment

Darnell (JK)(BD)

Edmodo- An Educational Networking Site

Lately in my keyboarding class, we have been using edmodo as a way for students to share information and respond to each other. The kids seem to enjoy it because it looks like facebook but as a teacher, I have pretty good control over what is happening in my room.- Stacy M.
I started a new account here and will begin new pages next fall. Thank you for sharing! Cathy O
(DB) (CH) (MM)(JE)

It seems like there are endless amounts of medium for sharing learned information. Perhaps one method you could use to share with your community would be a comic book where each section could have a small comic strip on learned information. Perhaps at the end, an entire story board would exist.

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Online Presentation Tools This is one of my Wikispace pages. It has a list of various presentation tools and how I rate them. The Wikispace itself is one way to share what is learned. The presentation tools are another. (JW) (SR) (CH)(GD) (DCT)
~Jennie (Bill L) (LS)

‚Äč 1Vision Showcase Where Students Shine!! States their purpose as: The goal of the 1Vision Showcase is to reflect exemplary learning through technology integration. Also, in the teacher resources on this website I found the following: Taskstream A collaborative web-based productivity tools for organizing and managing shared practices through electronic portfolio and web page creation, instructional design, and professional development provide learning communities with the tools and infrastructure to systematically advance their initiatives through the classroom implementation. Jami E.

http://www.slideshare.net/ I upload my power points and my students power points here. My site name is www.slideshare.net/camilla83.

Atomic Learning Blogspot

Our district is fortunate enough to have a subscription to this site that has a wealth of tools and expertise for many varied technical applications. The blogspot that I've linked to has information to many other non-subscription sites and blogs, and you can get a good idea about what Atomic Learning is all about. A few on our staff use Moodle, and Atomic Learning provides support for that application. Link to the actual Atomic Learning site and try a few sample tutorials (CG)here.Bill L. (Love Atomic Learning!! CJ)

Blog to share what you have learned
Blog to share what you have learned

(Deb B)