Sites and Resources I Want to Share

Find some cool sites that you want to share with your colleagues? Here is the site where you can share them. Post the site, a description and link the title to the resource.

Found 2 things on Web 2.o Edu for teachers: Four Apps Students Can Use to Make Comic Strips in The Classroom and
Five Web 2.0 Apps For the Classroom I will be referring to this a lot! LS

Pete's Powerpoint Station ~For you elementary education people (or possible J.H. & H.S.) this is a fabulous website for power points for just about any subject/topic you need. Check it out! Jami E.

Internet 4 Classrooms Another great site with numerous other links about wikis, podcasts, blogs, etc., etc., etc,... and uses for all in the classroom. JE

Google for Educators I go to this one periodically, even though I'm now more comfortable with Google applications. The Google folks seem pretty generous when ti comes to educators, plus they post some contests that target classroom projects. Bill L.

Welcome to the future - 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning - a wiki authored by Michael Gorman. A wealth of

FORAtv - Billing itself as "The Smart Network," this is a site that features lectures and other sort of "expert talks" on a wide variety of subjects, mostly lumped into the categaries of "economy," "environment," "politics," "science," "technology" and "culture." While it has a Premium level of videos, there are plenty for us cheapsters who mine the net for free information. Try this one for starters - Mythbuster Adam Savage discusses his most valuable failures - The first 30 minutes are the lecture, and the last 25 are Q&A with the audience. I've used this in my stage technology classes for when things go wrong. Bill L.

TUTORIALS - Google Docs, Moodle, flickr, Twitter and many many more. If you are a teacher at a school district in Iowa, you belong to an AEA. On the AEA's website, there is a link to Atomic Learning on the side. Ask your media specialist for your school's user name and password. Also, local libraries give out permission to use this site. Once your logged in, you have access to tutorials about any kind of technology you can think of. Camilla

Atomic Learning is a subscription service which our district is fortunate enough to have access to. You'll find some great tutorials here - you can sample a few without the subscription. Bill L.

"The Evolution of Facebook" is an NPR report from Morning Edition on June 10, 2010. The companion article from the website is found here. (Bill L.)

"Cognitive Surplus" is another NPR report from Morning Edition on June 11th, 2010. Interesting interview with the writer of a book that has studied the migration of "us" as television viewers to internet users. There is a good follow-up from the hosts reading listener emails on the topic. (Bill L.)

Here are the pictures of the different types of technology we have downloaded or used so far:) ~Chelsey

Tech1.jpg Tech2.jpg

external image Tech1.jpg

external image Tech1.jpgexternal image Tech1.jpg