Specialists Corner

Everyone is an expert on something. Dr. Dede says that building an effective distributed community involves members becoming topic-specific experts so that they can help others as necessary. This is the resource page where you can identify your expertise. Begin with the skills that you have now, but add to the list as you learn new skills and feel comfortable with your new knowledge.

What uses of technology do you enjoy and would be willing to help others learn?

Dr. Z - Using Jing to create tutorials, Using Twitter as a Professional Development too., Writing a Blog, Using Wikis to collect information, and many more.

Jarod Mozer - Using iPods as educational tools, & using Google Docs to communicate effectively with others.

Billie Cowley - I don't know how to do a whole lot, but I have used Audacity to create podcasts and Dreamweaver to create my personal webpage when I worked in the public school system. I also use Jenzabar's course management software (e-Racer) to contact/administer online components to my onground class. I also use Tegrity to videotape my class lectures for students.

Emily Baltes- Garageband, Google Docs, and Power Point.

Colleen Gould- Power Point, Youtube

Mikael Rein- PowerPoint, GIMP, Youtube, Google Docs.

Shelly Criswell-Office '07 and the differences between '03 and '07, creating online courses with Angel and elearning, using Wikis for student-lead tutoring, PowerPoint, FileMaker Pro, blogging/writing

Hailey Coggins - Jing, Doing vlogs, Google Doc

Darcel Pledge- Imovie, Power Point, Twitter, some experience with Blogging, Dream Weaver, Cyberduck