Specialists Corner

Everyone is an expert on something. Dr. Dede says that building an effective distributed community involves members becoming topic-specific experts so that they can help others as necessary. This is the resource page where you can identify your expertise. Begin with the skills that you have now, but add to the list as you learn new skills and feel comfortable with your new knowledge.

What technology do you feel comfortable using?

Dr. Z - Blogging, wiki-ing, Google Docs, Second Life

Cathy O--Google Docs, Google web pages

Marty M - Dreamweaver, PowerPoint

Lisa Schaa- Glogster, Blabber, Voki, Photostory, Imagethread

Brandi D. - Google Docs, Camtasia software

Joni W.- Social Networking

Sara R.--FrontPage, PowerPoint, YouTube

Darnell -- google docs, power point

Jami E. ~ social networking, powerpoint, apps, web searches :)

Jennie K. ~ Pesentation tools like animoto, prezi, power point, and Smartboard ~ 3-D modeling software Inventor ~ Variety of software for programming robots, machine tools and rapid prototyping

Gabe D. -- I am pretty good with most software. Give me a day and Google, and things will get figured out. I feel very comfortable quickly searching through forums to find ways to fix many things that go wrong with software and hardware. Forums are our friends!

Deb B. - Blackboard Academic Suite (Classic, not Vista), Panopto CourseCast, Elluminate virtual classroom, Microsoft Office apps, SurveyMonkey, tablet PC apps

Bill L. - Google SketchUp, SmartBoard, Google Calendar, iMovie HD (weak on the current version), WireTap Studio (sound editing software), theater technologies (lighting control board and sound mixer board)

Camilla - Photoshop - InDesign, Fireworks - Dreamweaver - Flash - Word -Excel - Power Point ILife - IMovie - IWeb (blogging) - IPhoto - Garage Band (Podcasting & Music) Pinnacle & Vegas & Movie Maker (videos) Google Docs

Chelsey- I thought that I had something posted but I don't see it anymore so I'll post again:) I'm really good with most Microsoft Word programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, and word. I've also worked with online websites, Frontpage, Facebook, Piratebay downloading, and google.

Carrie--Word, Excel, PowerPoint, social networking, MovieMaker, wikis, moodle, smartphones, youtube....I also have a very adventurous spirit with computers and can usually play with any program and figure it out, given enough time.

Stacy M.- Microsoft Office (especially Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel), Microsoft Movie Maker, PhotoStory, Facebook, Picassa, and I am learning all the fun things you can do with Google Docs!!!

Kayti DJ - Microsoft Powerpoint/Word/Excel, GoogleDocs, Facebook, and becoming more familiar with Blogging and Podcasts.