Class Contacts

The only way that we can stay connected is to develop our social network. We need to subscribe to each other's blogs, Twitter and other links. (Please add other services if you think of them.) Placing your personal information is completely voluntary.

Dr. Z

Blog: Dr. Z Reflects
Twitter: zeitz
Delicious: zeitz
Diigo: leighzeitz

Jill Stannard
Blog: Mrs. Stannard's Blog
Twitter: bjstannard
Delicious: jstannard
Website: Mrs. Stannard's 2nd Grade Webpage

Wiki: CREL-Interactive White Boards
Skype: bjstannard

Melissa Yocum
Blog: Reflection of the Art World and Teaching with Technology
Twitter: melyocum
Website: Ed-Co Art Department
Skype: melyocum

Jenny Nitchals

Twitter: jennynitchals

Skype: jennynitchals

Wiki: ELC Technology